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What is an abortion?

An abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy. A spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, refers to when a pregnancy naturally ends. An induced abortion refers to when a medication or a medical procedure intentionally ends the pregnancy.   

What types of abortion are there?

There are two types of abortion: a medical or pill abortion, and a surgical abortion  

Where can I get an abortion?

Women seeking an abortion should first verify that they are pregnant and confirm the viability of their pregnancy. State laws determine whether a woman can order pills online or must go to a verified healthcare provider for an abortion. To verify your pregnancy, contact AMC for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. Although we don’t perform abortions or refer to abortion providers, we provide medical services and education to help you make an informed decision.   

How much does an abortion cost?

Abortion costs depend on how far along you are and the type of abortion you want. Some abortion providers have additional costs for pre-abortion visits or post-abortion follow-up.   

Is a miscarriage the same as an abortion?

In a miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion, the embryo or fetus naturally dies. But in an induced abortion, medications or surgery ends the life of the embryo or fetus intentionally. Sometimes after a miscarriage, a woman may need medical or surgical interventions to aid her body in expelling the pregnancy products. If you believe that you may be having a miscarriage, you should seek medical care immediately. Alternatives Medical Clinic does not provide miscarriage medical care, but we do have referrals for emotional care after a miscarriage.    Alternatives Medical Clinic provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to help you decide whether abortion is an option for you. We do not perform abortions or provide abortion referrals, but we provide education regarding the procedure, contraindications, and possible complications. Our medical team wants to empower you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.   Request an appointment today or call us at 760-273-3878.   

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