Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Your sexual and reproductive health is vital to who you are as a person. We’d like to walk with you as you learn about your sexual health and how this impacts your relationships and other areas of life. Alternatives Medical Clinic provides a safe one-on-one sexual health education appointment with a compassionate licensed healthcare professional to discuss any of the following that are pertinent to your needs:
  • Reproductive Health Education
  • Fetal Development Education
  • Menstrual Cycle Education
  • Pregnancy and Abortion Education (Abortion referral not provided)
  • STI Education related to Transmission, Risk, & Exposure
A sexual health education appointment focuses on providing education in regard to your body and its reproductive processes. Pregnancy testing, limited STI Testing, and limited OB Ultrasound services require separate appointments and can be coordinated at the time of your visit. Call or submit a request to schedule your sexual health education appointment today

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