Ultrasound Exams

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If your pregnancy test result is positive, our nurse will evaluate you medically and offer you an ultrasound as indicated at no cost. We highly recommend that pregnancy test results be confirmed by obtaining a limited ultrasound exam in order to medically confirm your pregnancy.

Why do you perform ultrasound examinations?

At Alternatives Medical Clinic, limited obstetrical ultrasound exams are performed to indicate the following:
  • Confirm pregnancy diagnosis
  • Detect fetal heart motion
  • Determine fetal age in weeks
  • Determine estimated date of confinement (due date)
Please note that the limited obstetrical ultrasound examination is not intended to determine sex or diagnose any abnormalities and/or problems you or your baby may have at this early stage.

Why do I need to know all of that information?

An ultrasound is an important step you should not skip for many reasons. No matter what options you’re considering, you need to know the gestational age of your pregnancy, as it will determine the abortion procedures you are eligible for or the specifics of prenatal care you need to begin.

Does everyone get an ultrasound?

It is recommended that each patient who has received a positive pregnancy test result obtain a limited ultrasound to ensure a diagnosis of pregnancy before making any decisions concerning termination. Ultrasounds are considered a medical procedure and thus you must be evaluated by a medical professional before the scan can be done.

How do I prepare for an ultrasound?

Our staff will provide you with pre-instructions for your exam. However, should you have an ultrasound on your first visit, you should wear a loose-fitting two-piece outfit to your appointment. This will prevent you from having to re-adjust your clothing during the exam. Alternatives Medical Clinic offers no-cost services to women who are or might be unexpectedly pregnant. We empower these women with resources and information, so they can be confident they are making the best decisions possible. Schedule an appointment at our clinic for the resources you need.   Make Appointment Today!

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