Your future may feel uncertain with an unplanned pregnancy. Placing for adoption opens up the ability for you to continue pursuing your dreams and the life you desire. But many misconceptions exist about adoption. At Alternatives Medical Clinic, we want to provide women with the information they need when considering adoption. 

What is adoption?

An adoption is when a birth mother legally surrenders her parental rights to another parent (or parents). Almost 20,000 adoptions occur every year in the United States.

How does adoption work?

A woman may decide to begin the adoption process during any point in her pregnancy. An adoption agency guides the birth mother throughout the entire process, empowering her to make an adoption plan. 

What is an open adoption?

In an open adoption, a birth mother stays in contact with the adoptive family and adopted child. An adoption agency often helps the birth mother and adoptive family set up expectations. Contact ranges from the regular exchange of photos to spending time together regularly. 

What is a closed adoption?

In a closed adoption, a woman does not keep in contact with the adoptive family. Occasionally, photos may be exchanged through the adoption agency. 

Can birth mothers choose the adoptive family?

Adoption agencies empower birth mothers to choose an adoptive family. Often, an agency presents a birth mother with a list of potential adoptive families that includes their profile, picture, and other information. Then, a woman can meet the prospective family if she wants.

How much does an adoption cost?

Birth mothers pay nothing to place their babies for adoption. In fact, adoptive families will often pay for certain costs on behalf of the birth mother. An agency guides this process.   Women who choose to place their babies for adoption make an incredibly brave choice. Before making any decision, call Alternatives Medical Clinic today at 760-280-7671 to make an appointment with our compassionate team. We will walk with you through your journey- from confirming your pregnancy to connecting you with adoption agencies. Alternatives Medical Clinic does not facilitate adoptions, nor do we partner with any specific adoption agency. We give you a list of adoption agencies and you choose what works best for you. We want to empower you to make the best decision for you! 
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