Abortion Costs in California

Women in an unplanned pregnancy may have a flood of thoughts and emotions. Often, the financial costs for each option feel overwhelming. Before you make a decision for your life and your future, you should know what abortion might cost you!


How much does an abortion cost in California?

As of June 2023, on average, abortion pills could cost between $500-800 and surgical abortions could cost between $600-3,000.


What additional costs are there for an abortion?

An abortion may require unexpected costs. For example, a woman may need blood work before her abortion, or relaxation medications before a surgical abortion.


Will an abortion provider charge me even if I’m not pregnant?

Most abortion providers will charge for a first visit, even if you aren’t pregnant. At Alternatives Medical Clinic we provide free pregnancy confirmation.


How much does an ultrasound before an abortion cost in California?

For a woman’s health and safety, she should receive an ultrasound before an abortion. The ultrasound can help determine the gestational age of a pregnancy and therefore determine a woman’s abortion options. An ultrasound can also rule out an ectopic pregnancy and an unviable pregnancy.


Abortion providers may charge up to $200 for an ultrasound, but at Alternatives Medical Clinic we offer free ultrasounds as indicated.


Do abortion providers take insurance?

In California, some insurance plans will not cover abortion. Women need to check with their insurance to verify whether the plan will cover the costs of abortion, including any required initial appointments, procedures, or abortion after-care.


Who pays for medical care for complications after an abortion?

Medical and surgical abortions have risks of complications. Often, abortion providers do not provide medical care after an abortion, so women should check with their insurance providers about whether insurance will cover post-abortive medical care.


**If you are experiencing any complications after an abortion, seek medical care immediately at an urgent care or emergency room.


Does out-of-state insurance plans or Medi-Cal plans pay for an abortion?

If you live outside of California, your insurance plan will most likely not cover abortion in California because it would be an out-of-network cost.[1]


What is Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is the government insurance plan that provides medical care during a pregnancy. The programs available cover all prenatal care including medications, ultrasounds, and all OBGYN visits. Then, the program will cover the hospital bill for the delivery and even cover post-partum care for a year after delivery.


Who qualifies for Medi-Cal?

To qualify for Medi-Cal you’ll have to submit documents that show your identity and your income. Typically,  low-income women qualify, however, women who don’t qualify for Medi-Cal may be eligible for another form of insurance called ‘Covered CA.’


Will Medi-Cal cover the cost of my abortion in California?

Medi-Cal may cover portions of a medical or surgical abortion. Each woman needs to verify her plan and then speak with the abortion provider directly. To begin the process of applying for Medi-Cal, call us at Alternatives Medical Clinic today!


As you determine your next steps for your unplanned pregnancy, our licensed medical professionals want to come alongside of you. We want to empower you with the support you need to make the best decision for your life, your body, and your finances! Our services remain free and confidential, so call us today at (760)284-5089 or request an appointment online!

[1] https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/07/13/1111078951/health-insurance-abortion