Are Abortions Painful?

Everyone tolerates a different level of pain. So, you may be wondering if your body can handle the physical pain of an abortion. At Alternatives Medical Clinic, we want to empower you to make the best decision for your future and your body. So, before you take your next step, read through this article as we talk about the pain experienced in an abortion. 

Do Abortions Hurt? 

The type of abortion will affect the level of pain. Plus, gestational age (how far along you are) influences pain. So, before having an abortion, you’ll want to speak with a healthcare provider. Call 760-741-9796 to speak with our qualified medical staff. While Alternatives does not provide or refer for abortions, we can help you in determining how far along you are in your pregnancy and provide additional education on abortion.

How Painful Is the Abortion Pill? 

During a medical abortion (or the abortion pills), pain begins after the second set of pills—misoprostol. The medication causes the uterus to contract and to expel the pregnancy. This contracting of the uterus is what typically causes pain in a medical abortion.

Does Pain During an Abortion Mean That Something is Wrong? 

Abortion providers should educate women about when to seek urgent medical care after an abortion. They should also follow up to evaluate for any complications.

Severe abdominal pain during or after an abortion could occur with an infection or an ectopic pregnancy. These are both serious complications. 

Does Anxiety Make Pain Worse? 

It is possible for other factors to influence the pain you experience during an abortion.  One study found that women with increased anxiety and a history of painful periods had a higher probability of experiencing increased pain during a medical abortion.

Is an Abortion More Painful the Further Along I Am? 

Pain with an abortion pill can vary depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Also, if the initial medical abortion is unsuccessful, then a woman will need further medical or surgical interventions. If you’re unsure how far along you are in a pregnancy, an ultrasound can help determine this. Call 760-741-9796 for a free ultrasound.* 

How Painful Is a Surgical Abortion?

The type of surgical abortions offered depends on how far along you are in pregnancy. The amount of pain expected, what kind of pain management is offered during the procedure, and what kind of pain is expected afterward depends on the type of surgical abortion.

Get the Facts about Pain in An Abortion in Escondido, CA

You’ll want to know all the risks associated with your abortion options. Then, you can know more about what to expect before, during, and afterward. We know that making a decision feels lonely and scary. So, we create a safe space for you to share your thoughts before you make an informed decision. Call Alternatives Medical Clinic today for a free, confidential appointment at 760-741-9796 or request an appointment online. 

*Our medical team determines who qualifies for a free ultrasound.