Extra Abortion Pills

Every year, millions of women experience unplanned pregnancies. Sometimes women offer their friends advice or practical help with their pregnancy, and even offer a friend her abortion pills. But taking another woman’s abortion pills or medication could be extremely dangerous!   When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s crucial to get all the facts, so you can protect your health and make the most informed decision! Keep reading to learn more!   What are the brand names of the abortion pills? You may hear abortion pills referred to as a medical abortion, chemical abortion, or Plan C. But two different medications constitute the ‘abortion pills.’ The first, mifepristone, is used to stop the body from producing the hormone progesterone, which stops the pregnancy from progressing. The second medication, misoprostol, is used to cause the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy. The FDA regulates both pills, so they must be prescribed by a licensed doctor and distributed by a licensed pharmacy.   Can I use my friend’s extra abortion pills? Every pregnancy is different and requires a different dosage of abortion pills. Your friend may have been prescribed a dosage that could be harmful to you. Therefore, you should avoid taking any medication that was not prescribed to you.   How long are abortion pills good for? When do abortion pills expire?  Every abortion pill has a different expiration date because they vary in dosage, route of administration, and the company that produced them. If exposed to excess heat or moisture, abortion pills could no longer be as effective. If you aren’t sure of the expiration date or if your abortion pills have been kept in a clean, safe environment, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not take them.   What company makes abortion pills such as mifepristone or misoprostol? The FDA recommends that only licensed providers prescribe abortion pills and licensed pharmacies distribute the abortion pills. Buying abortion pills online bypasses FDA safeguards that are designed to protect a woman’s health.   What dosage of abortion pills should I take?  The FDA states that only a qualified healthcare provider can prescribe the correct dosage of the abortion pills. Before prescribing the pills, the provider should evaluate a woman’s pregnancy for viability and gestational age. If a woman is beyond 10 weeks, then she would no longer be eligible for the abortion pills. Also, a provider may use an ultrasound before administering the abortion pill in order to ensure that the pregnancy is inside the uterus. A pregnancy that is outside of the uterus is known as an ectopic pregnancy and can be life threatening. If a woman unknowingly had an ectopic pregnancy and took an abortion pill, she could be in severe danger and needs immediate medical care.   Before making a decision regarding your pregnancy, consider scheduling a free ultrasound at Alternatives Medical Clinic to verify your pregnancy.   Will I go to jail for ordering abortion pills online or having abortion pills at my house?  No. California abortion law does not criminalize women for receiving an abortion.   Get the facts at Alternatives Medical Clinic You don’t have to navigate this unplanned pregnancy alone! Before you make a decision that could impact your life, your body, and your health, give us a call today at 760-280-7671 or request your free appointment online. Our experienced team of medical professionals is here to help you make an informed and empowered decision!
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