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How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Every test in life causes angst, but for women, a pregnancy test could change a lot of things. If you’ve missed a period or are experiencing symptoms, a home test could verify that you are pregnant. But before you make a decision about your future, you should know how pregnancy tests work.    At Alternatives … Continued

What to Know about Pregnancy as a Minor

You’ve dreamt about your high school years as the time to have fun with friends and to work hard for your future. An unplanned pregnancy throws uncertainty and doubt into those dreams. Even as a pregnant teenager, you have options, and you have the strength to make the best decision for you.  Who is a … Continued

Abortion Costs in California

Women in an unplanned pregnancy may have a flood of thoughts and emotions. Often, the financial costs for each option feel overwhelming. Before you make a decision for your life and your future, you should know what abortion might cost you!   How much does an abortion cost in California? As of June 2023, on … Continued

What are the Biological Father’s Rights?

Telling a guy about your unexpected pregnancy feels impossible. When prepared with the right information about your pregnancy, you can decide when and how to tell him. Whether you just met him or have been in a steady relationship for years, you get to decide what to say. Even if you are unsure of who … Continued

What You Need to Know About Adoption

Your future may feel jeopardized by an unplanned pregnancy. But you have options! Of the three options (adoption, abortion, and parenting) the most misconceptions exist about adoption. To find out what you need to know in order to make a decision, keep reading.   What is adoption?  A birthmother places her baby for adoption when … Continued

Extra Abortion Pills

Every year, millions of women experience unplanned pregnancies. Sometimes women offer their friends advice or practical help with their pregnancy, and even offer a friend her abortion pills. But taking another woman’s abortion pills or medication could be extremely dangerous!   When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s crucial to get all the facts, so … Continued

Roe v Wade

In June of 2022, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that sent reverberations throughout the United States. After months of deliberation, the Court overturned a fifty-year-old case: Roe v Wade. In the aftermath of the decision, voices from all sides have shared their opinions and concerns. Yet, behind closed doors, many women wonder at the … Continued

Reoccurring STI and Reproductive Health

As a woman, navigating your reproductive health can feel a bit daunting. But being properly educated about your reproductive system is vitally important for your current and future health. Call us today to at 760-284-5089 to take the next best step for you and your health!   If you are sexually active, you should be … Continued

Abortion Pill

As you consider options for your unplanned pregnancy, abortion may be something you are seriously contemplating. But before you decide, do your best to diligently research abortion so that you can make an informed decision. Although we do not perform or refer for abortion, our licensed medical professionals can come alongside you in your unplanned … Continued

Is the Abortion Pill Right for Me?

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you might be considering abortion. If you’re considering an abortion, you typically have two options- a medical abortion or a surgical abortion.   You may hear a medical abortion referred to as the abortion pill, chemical abortion, or a medication abortion. Some may call the pills mifeprex, mifepristone, misoprostol, … Continued