Mindset – Your Mind is a Powerful Tool

“I can’t do it!” Well, if that is your mindset and that is how you truly feel, you are right, you can’t and you won’t. However, when faced with challenges or difficult situations, thinking the worst or the impossible isn’t the best place to let your mind go.   In fact, if you realize what you and your powerful mind are capable of, you will be surprised at what you CAN do. If you think about all the organs, body parts, and the makeup of your body, your mind is a very powerful asset of yours – maybe the most powerful thing inside you.   When it comes to training your brain, and framing your train of thought, try to be encouraging to yourself instead of mean and negative. We assure you; you will get much further. Think about these following scenarios… a lot of times, getting over the mental challenge or hump is half the battle.  
  • Ever find yourself mentally worn down and “done” before you even work up the energy to work out? Try to frame your mind to just GO. Try to just make the first move. Turn the TV on, start the workout and just PUSH through the first couple minutes – we assure you the mentality of starting is the most difficult part. Same goes if you go to the gym. Just go, get there. Open the door, get on the treadmill. Once you get started and get over that hump of “I can’t, I am so tired, I just literally am too drained”, you will be SHOCKED at what you can do.
  • Have a big upcoming meeting and dread it so much you just know that you can’t go? You can’t run the meeting or speak in front of all your coworkers? Well, if you tell yourself you can’t, then you won’t. Try switching your mindset to realize that it might be challenging, possibly even a change and something you’re not used to. However, if you’re not challenged, you won’t grow. Just give it a shot. Work up enough courage to be strong and block out all negativity during that one meeting.
  • Same goes for that big test you’re studying for. If you keep telling yourself that there is no way you’ll pass or get the grade you need, you likely won’t. If you buckle up and put your energy towards learning the material instead of stressing over the fact that it is difficult, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  Seriously, it is mind over matter. Put your mind to it and you will accomplish far more than you could even believe.
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